guest.gif (2197 bytes)Third EyeBlind, April 9, 1998
Aerial Theatre
Opening Act - Rebekah

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Well, I didn't get to go to this one, but some friends of mine were lucky enough to winfree tickets to see Third Eye Blind in Houston recently.  They kindly accepted mysuggestion to write a Guest Review.  There's no reason whyI should hog all the fun.  Here's what they thought:

Getting those free tickets to see Third Eye Blind set me up for a night to remember. My girlfriend and I went down to the Aerial Theatre at the Bayou Place in Houston, TX on Thursday, April 9th during another popular event in town, Party on the Plaza. So the Bayou Place was hopping.

After playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to find out who would ask the cop where the Aerial Theatre is located, we decided to follow a couple that we thought be headed toward the concert and maybe would lead us to the entrance. We got in and saw a bunch of youngins hanging around, all dressed to impress.

We got into the arena part and caught some of Rebekah playing some of her own music and some covers. For this part of the show, we were able to get somewhat close to the stage, but eventually decided to sit on the floor in the back of the theatre. The crowd was very receptive and I enjoyed her performance, but as I am more of a pop music type of guy, I enjoyed the cover stuff the most.

Rebekah exited the stage at ~8:45PM. Third Eye Blind didn't take the stage until 9:30. They opened with the lead singer performing slumped on a couch. My girlfriend asked me where the hell he was.

We were not even close to the stage, and were just hanging in the back just trying to listen to the music. People in the front near the stage were immediately crowd surfing and throwing beer all over the place. Of course, I had to pick the one spot in the mellow section that had this wacked out drunk dude throwing beer all over the place, telling me that I'm not excited enough to be there.

The band had mad energy. The singer opened "How's it Gonna Be", just by announcing the title and everyone went crazy. The only other songs I knew throughout the night was a song that had been played during the current Road Rules episodes. The cast had shot a public service announcement about suicide and depression and it was shown during a Third Eye Blind Concert. And I knew the I Want Something Else Song (Semi Charmed Life), which again everyone went wild over...Actually, the whole night everyone was going wild.

The band had commented, although I don't know how many other times they had said the same thing in other cities, that "No Kidding" Houston has been the most into it crowd they've seen on tour yet.

The only thing I didn't like was the singer always commenting on how dark and cynical the band is. OOOOOh, you guys are pretty scary, that constant "we are soooo bad" just got a little annoying. Although throughout the night they were spewing public service announcements supporting "careful" crowd surfing, which wound up breaking a girls nose at some point during the night.

Chris added the additional comment of " My impressions were that I'm definitely
getting old, those people had much more energy than I had".

This band is a must see. Cindy, back to you!!

Alan and Chris

Thanks guys for a great job on the write up!

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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