Cibo Matto - Stubbs, Austin

I finally made it out to do my first show as an Austinite.  I know, I'm long overdue and living in the music capital of the world, but it took me a while to get my stride.  Cibo Matto was a good choice to start things off.  Definitely not my usualfare, but good and entertaining, nonetheless.  When you take two cute Japanese born,New York bred young women, add Sean Lennon on bass, and present a techno, pop, hip-hopsound, you can't be accused of being a knock off.  Cibo Matto means food madness innot Japanese, but Italian.  Front women Miho and Yuka combine their two loves, foodand music, in their sound.  Know Your Chicken had the crowd chanting and Sci-FiWasabe was an energetic rock cross over.

Lennon joined the band because he is a good musician and because he's going out withYuka.  They met through Yoko. My mom never fixes me up with anyone good.  Lennon, originally a guest, studio musician appears to be in the regular touringlineup with the band.

Cibo Matto's new CD, Stereotype A, leads them away from their food roots andthe "stereotype" as a novelty band.  From the crowd, I could tell that Mihoand Yuka were having a blast, hanging out on stage with their friend, Sean, and rappingtheir poetic, while often undiscernible lyrics.  Stubbs is a great place for livemusic, especially on a perfect night like this one.


On That Note, I'm outta here......


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