Counting Crows, WoodlandsPavillion, Woodlands, TX, August 25, 1997
Opening Act, Wallflowers

What a great billing! Counting Crows, who I had never seen before, and the Wallflowers,one of my new very favorite bands, headed by my second favorite dark-haired, blue-eyedguitarist, Jakob Dylan. (For my first fav, you'll need to check out BNLcorner). The lovely Houston evening started with the Wallflowers hitting the stagewith authority. Early on, they played "One Headlight" and "6th Ave.Heartache", leaving you wondering what they might have left to do for the rest of theset. However, they continued to keep the heat on by playing many other songs from the CD"Bringing Down the Horse", including "Three Marlenas" and"Josephine". They even added a song that Jakob described as "prettygood" which was no other than his dad's song, "The Night They Drove Old DixieDown". Jakob coerced the crowd throughout to get up and dance along. He had much moreenergy this time around then when I saw them open for Sheryl Crowback in January. Closing with "The Difference", a night with The Wallflowersalone would have been completely satisfying, and if I smoked, I would have needed acigarette. On a side note, I got a big thrill walking down the street in Minneapolis onLabor Day, when I met eyes with Jakob Dylan on 7th St.

However, the fun was just beginning, and I got my second wind for Adam Duritz andCounting Crows. First time seeing them, and long overdue, they performed songs from"August and Everything After" and "Recovering the Satellites", oftenmodifying lyrics or changing styles. The popular "Mr. Jones" was slowed down,and while some were disappointed at missing a pogo dancing opportunity, I found itinteresting to experience their versatility. I truly love the song "LongDecember" despite its being overplayed on the radio, and it was done perfectly thisevening. I think Adam Duritz is one of the best songwriter/poets of our time with hisbeautiful descriptions and clever turn of phrase. Other highlights of the show were thehaunting "Good Night Elizabeth" and the current "Daylight Fading".

My only wish is that I could have seen Counting Crows at an earlier point in theircareer at a smaller venue. While the Woodlands is a nice place for a lovely eveningoutdoors, the lawn seats make it hard to truly get into what is going on onstage.Nevertheless, a great show and a great time.

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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