BetterThan Ezra, The Abyss, May 22, 1997
Opening Act - BooRadleys

This is the fourth time I've seen Better Than Ezra. I can't say which time has been thebest, just that all were great. I find myself unable to break my stare at lead singer,Kevin Griffin. He is an extremely talented guitarist, with a unique voice, an interestingpresence, and the most adorable profile and curly brown hair. Definitely one of myfavorite guys to watch on stage. From the first strums of "Long Lost Friend", Iam completely engrossed in BTEs sensitive lyrics that go with ballads as well as therocking. The only thing that invaded my trance was the crowd surfing that was going on allaround me during the first part of the show. Even though some of their songs are a littleloud and peppy, I hardly consider this to be a moshing type band, but the all ages crowdcan't seem to enjoy music without it. Anyway, after about the third song, as Kevin beginsa ballad, he stops and completely reads the riot act to this one asshole that has been themost out of control. "Hey you in the white t-shirt. You're a fucking idiot."After that, the crowd surfing died down for a while, but only to be picked up again whenthe kids reached the end of their attention span. Damn these Gen Yer's.

BTE played lots of their great songs, Good, Rosealia with a ZZTop close, and finallyfinishing up with In the Blood. The other guys in the band are Tom Drummond (bass), andTravis McNabb (drums), although they had another guy touring that played keyboards andguitar. The only thing missing from this show was my favorite song "SouthernGirl" (Gurl, I've seen it a few times), which I have only had the pleasure of hearinglive once, and that was in Ohio. Anyway, a great show, lots of great songs and feeling,and a fun time to be had by all. See Better Than Ezra in your town. You'll thank me.

One additional delight of the evening was that my friend spied the guys from Chalk Farm at the side of thestage during BTE's set. They had been playing across town at Numbers, opening up for Cowboy Mouth. After the show, I got to chat brieflywith Trace, the lead guitarist, who I think is a doll, so that made my night. I'm sooooeasily amused.

Sorry I don't have much to report on the Boo Radleys. They were on when I arrived andthey were, well, just loud.

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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