GuyForsyth Shady Grove, Austin


What’s the best thing to do on a beautiful fall night inAustin? Well, if it’s Thursday, the place to be is Shady Grove where KGSR sponsorsUnplugged in the Park, featuring some of Austin’s most prominent musicians. Theseries started on September 23 with Wes Cunningham and culminates on October 28thwith Kelly Willis.

The Guy Forsyth Band was center stage this past Thursday and treateda Standing Room only crowd to his unique blend of blues, country, folk, cajun, and rock.What was supposed to be an "unplugged" set, turned out to be an experiment inboth conventional and uncoventional instruments. His multi-talented band stayed seated theentire show and showcased kazoo, saw (played with a violin bow), paint sticks on an ampfor percussion, ukulele, washboard, and various tones of harmonica. Forsyth combinessensitive lyrics in a variety of formats that make his music both insightful and fun. Helooked as comfortable doing the country number "Heart Shaped Hole" to theballad, "My True Friend," to the anthema "Children of Jack" to anIrish sounding ditty to an entire rock set. Forsyth remained a strong yet understatedpresence. Looking more like Richie Cunningham in is white Chuck Taylor hightops, hedelivered strong vocals and accomplished finger-pickin’ guitar. His voice could bedescribed as being like Robert Earl Keen or Harry Connick Junior, but without the twangyTexan or French cajun inflection. Cheeky comments to the crowd between songs includedcracks on Garth Brooks ("I thought he was Trent Reznor when I saw his picture theother day") and sweet song dedications to his mother (who was in the audience) madeForsyth likable for more than just his musical abilities. The title track of his currentAntone’s release, "Can You Live Without," was the highlight of the two hourset. In and of itself, that track is reason enough for adding it to your collection.


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