Sister Hazel, SatelliteLounge, May 21, 1997
Opening Act - Sharecroppers

Well, I have to be honest. I went to see Sister Hazel only because someone else wantedto go. I always jump on the opportunity to see live music, so this time was no exception.However, I had heard nothing about this group. I get to the show, and during the openingact (which I will describe later), I found out from someone who had gone to high schoolwith them, that they were currently riding high on Casey's Top 40 at #27. Since I hadnever heard them on the radio, I tended not to believe the guy, but I confirmed later thatevening that in fact, these guys have a hit, "All For You", from their CD,"Somewhere More Familiar".

Let me describe the crowd. Since the weather was miserable and the Rockets were on TV,only about 30 people showed. The group consisted of about 10 people who obviously werefrom Florida (where Sister Hazel hails), because they knew almost every word and evenchimed in the chorus for the big hit. Everyone else couldn't help but dancing aroundduring the set which was peppy and fun. These guys have a nice sound for today, whichreminded me of a something a bit Hootie, with a dash of Dave Matthews, and even a smidgeonof Blues Traveler, though they have a unique style and energy. I really detected a sincereenthusiasm for their craft and it came through during their show as they were excited thatpeople actually came to see them and knew some of their songs.

During the set, the lead singer, Ken Block, told about their upcoming video and how itwould be on VH-1 on Monday and that we should block off the entire day to wait for it tocome on. This is a very cool guy, as I checked out his interview on their web site andfound that his favorite place to play is one of my favorite places in the world, TheWindjammer, in Isle of Palms, SC. A new soulmate.

And yes, I finally did hear them on the radio in Houston. We're just a little show toadopt. Thanks to Deb for the birthday present, I am now the owner of their disc andenjoying it very much. Check them out. I think they're on the verge of something big.

The opening band, The Sharecroppers, were really good, but I couldn't remember any oftheir songs or find them on the 'Net. They had a diverse lineup with a banjo, acousticguitars, and a percussionist that played a washboard, some sticks, and even had some deerantlers, but didn't actually use them. They had a country rock-a-billy style that was anice lead into Sister Hazel's more pop-oriented acoustic stylings.

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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