BarenakedFriends of Kevin

I have decided to close the Barenaked Friends ofKevin page.  I would like to thank the thousands of people who visited thispage and those who contributed to this cause.  While Kevin's healthcontinues to improve, there are still many others who suffer from Leukemia andother forms of cancer.  If you would like to help, contributions can bemade to Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, where Kevin was treated, or othercancer research and treatment organizations. Some are listed below.


Thanks again for your support.  I'd like tothink in some small way, this effort helped Kevin through a tough time, so thatnow he can enjoy the success that he and BNL deserve! 

Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
#610 University Ave.
Toronto, ON  M5G2M9


Leukemia Society ofAmerica - 1-800-955-4LSA  - Primary research and funding organization forLeukemia in the US. 

LeukemiaResearch Fund of Canada - 1-800-268-2144 - Primary research and funding organizationfor Leukemia in Canada. 

LeukemiaFund Raising Site - Provides information on fund raising opportunites and educationalsites.

Bone Marrow DonorPage - this is a very important activity.  Learn where in your area to registerto become a bone marrow donor.  While Kevin is lucky to have not one, but two matchesin his family, others are not so fortunate.  Learn about the process and the need atthis site.

Leukemia Information Library -Provides information about the different types of leukemia and their treatments.

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