Lilith Fair, July 20, 1999
Southpark Meadows, Austin

Being new to Austin, I didn't know anyone who wanted to go with me to Lilith Fair, soat the last minute, I decided to go all by my little self.  I know, it's pathetic,but if you can't go to the "Celebration of Women" alone, where can you go?  I'm glad I overcame my self-consciousness and got out to Southpark Meadows thatnight because I just couldn't have forgiven myself if I had missed two of my favoriteartists, Sheryl Crow and Sarah MacLachlan, right in my own backyard.

The evening seemed enchanted from the start.  During Shawn Colvin's set, somebrief rain caused the most spectacular rainbow I had ever seen, arching completely acrossthe sky, greeting all the women and friends of women to the festival.  While itrained intermittently for about an hour, it did nothing to deter the spirits of theconcert-goers ready to see their idols.

I arrived around 6pm, just in time to watch a small part of Trish Murphy's set on thesecond stage.  I should have gotten there sooner.  I missed several other localacts that people were raving about afterwards.  Trish has a good Austin style rocksound and some very cool lyrics.  I will definitely catch one of her shows nearby inthe future.

The first main stage show I saw was Monica.  Adding a little diversity to thelineup as well as the audience, Monica provided a strong set of high energy pop songsaccompanied by lively dancers.  For her time slot (early evening), Monica really gotthe crowd going and I was impressed with her stage presence and professionalism.  Herhit "Angel of Mine" was a favorite and she even teased the crowd with a littlesample of her duet with Brandi "The Boy is Mine."

Next up was a Shawn Colvin.  A folkster from Austin, she was commented how greatit was to be back home.  At one point, a fan shouted up a request for "Diamondin the Rough," to which the unaccompanied Colvin cutely replied, "Let me see ifthe band knows it."  She glared back at the empty stage and said, "Yeah,they know it."  It was this kind of comfortable chatter that made her set sointeresting.  The crowd loved "Sonny Came Home."

Lately, I have been having a Sheryl Crow fixation.  Could be that VH1 Behind theMusic I just saw on her, but I am inspired by her lyrics and her talent.  She is suchan incredible person and seems to have had such a lonely life.  She is the mainreason I went out to Lilith.  Her set was great, playing songs mainly from her lasttwo albums, hits like "Favorite Mistake" and "If It Makes You Happy."  She had a full band of hard rocking types.  She herself rocked out on bothelectric and acoustic guitar. 

The mostly female crowd sang pointedly along to the chorus, "You Don't Bring MeAnything But Down", rivaled in determination and enthusiasm only by my last AlanisMorrisette concert.  The short festival set did not include the huge hit "All IWanna Do" and to my disappointment, excluded "Strong Enough."  Leavesme something to look forward to for next time, I guess.

Finally, Sarah MacLachlan took the stage.  She looked so relaxed and confident,after all, this is her third, and reportedly final, successful tour with Lilith.  Sarah has so many hits, too and treated us to "Building a Mystery,""I Will Remember You," and even the cute "Ice Cream" from earlierrecordings.  She took to the grand piano for "Adia" and "Angel".  Not only is she an accomplished musician, but her work and determination haveallowed other women to have successful musical careers.  Kudos to Sarah!

And I must say, going alone to a festival is not so bad.  I talked to people, theytalked to me.  I saw some of my favorite bands and it was a lovely, unseasonablycool, Texas evening.  I'd do it again!!!

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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