matchbox 20,Numbers, Houston, TX, June 17, 1997

I checked out matchbox 20 at Numbers, and to be honest, I wasn't really that psychedfor this show. Yeah, I had heard "Push", and "Long Day" on the radioand had even seen the videos, but I thought this band was another fleeting moment for theday. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the talent and energy in the performance, andgrew to not even mind their blatant lack of capitalization of the "m". RobThomas, lead singer and principal songwriter, has a great ease with the audience, projectsa very sincere attitude, and isn't too rough on the eyes, I might add. He intersperses hisbiting lyrics with anecdotes about his songs and his life. His vocals are at the same timemelodic and raunchy, and he adds well timed pauses and inflections to round out his uniquestyle.

Rob is complimented by the background vocals of lead guitarist Kyle Cook and rhythmguitarist Adam Gaynor, whose electric and acoustic guitar arrangements are combined withthe rhythm section of drummer Paul Doucette and bassist Brian Yale.

During one point in the show, Thomas starts to tell a story about an ex-girlfriend, butthen quickly realizes it's the wrong point in the show. He simply says "Shit, this isthe wrong song", and continues, picking up the story later for the song"Hang". He proceeds to talk about cheating on a girlfriend and having her throwout all his stuff. He wrote the song while he was thinking about where his was going tolive.

The ultimate impression that comes through at a matchbox 20 show is that they are oneof the most honest bands in terms of songwriting. They don't write sappy songs ofunrequited love or reflections of why love was lost or even apologies. Their message is"I'm a guy, I do shitting things, and I know it." Not proud or regretful, justhonest. I mean you can't get any more direct than "I wanna take you forgranted." So, I'm sold. You should check them out, too. Oh, and if you're intointerviews, check out the really good one I found with matchbox 20 atEntertainment Ave.

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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