Lisa Loeb,Houston International Festival
Planet Bud Party, April 24, 1998
Opening Act - Sister 7

102.9 The Planet, in conjunction with the Houston International Festival sponsored a Friday night concert with Lisa Loeb and Sister 7.  Representing their TX roots, each has experienced their own level of fame on a national level.

Sister 7 is a great act from Austin that is just beginning to get some airplay around the country with their new song (and my favorite), "Know What You Mean" from their current CD, This the Trip.   Lead singer, Patrice Pike, sporting a much shorter hair style than when I had seen them last year at SXSW, continues to provide strong vocals with a style that is similar to Melissa Ethridge.  The band mixes alternative rock with funk for something unique with a broad appeal.  Other notable tunes were "Superman" and "Say Goodbye".  Chanting for the lengthy "Sweet Love", the crowd was delighted when Patrice re-entered the stage for an encore.  If you like a strong rock band with an occasional funky riff, this is a group for you.

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Lisa Loeb, usually touring with her band, Nine Stories, had a different accompaniment at this show.   She hit the stage for her first number by herself, doing the current, "I Do", but was later joined by none other than Dweezl Zappa on electric guitar.   She said he was on the tour because he learned all the string parts to her songs, but it seems like Dweezl might have had some incentive to get it just right, as it was obvious that he and Lisa were an item.  Little glances and a kiss during the evening confirmed those rumors.  They sounded great together, with Dweezl adding a couple of fun REO Speedwagon and Van Halen riffs to liven things up.  Lisa played many of her hits like "Pulling Taffy" and "Stay" from the movie, Reality Bites (filmed right here in Houston).


Lisa flirted with the crowd a bit by saying that it was hot enough for everyone to take their pants off.  She proclaimed that it was nice to be in TX and she beckoned the crowd to get the Planet to play her new song "Let's Forget About It."  Dressed in her trademark cat-eye glasses and cute black and denim short dress, she possesses a unique "the girl next door's got a secret" look.  Simply with her guitar and her voice, she had an interesting command of the crowd, who while somewhat sedate, were definitely riveted by this performance.  This is my second time seeing Lisa, having caught her act in Boston at Mixfest last fall.  A very talented performer, you should check her out on my recommendation. dweezl.JPG (10837 bytes)

On That Note, I'm outta here.....


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