The Recliners, Club Chicago, May23, 1997
Opening Act - They opened for Indigo Swing

Well, my week of three shows in three days was starting to get to me, so I toppedthings off with the soothing vocal stylings of The Recliners, an Austin, TX lounge band. Iwould have never even considered going to see this group, except that I happened to catchtheir act in Austin when I was there for the BNL show. Afterwards, several people wentover to the Ritz and heard this incredibly funny and talented group doing covers of thingslike "Back in Black", Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", and Billy Idol's"White Wedding". It was such a good time, that I contacted them via their website to get their CD. When it arrived in the mail, there was a note from guitarist, EricCalistri, that they would be in Houston on Friday night, so suddenly I had plans.

First the venue: Club Chicago was opening that night. It's located on Greenridge near59 and Fountainview in Houston. It is a new swing club and the swingers were out indroves. I couldn't believe all the people who could actually do all those cool dances.Definitely different than the primarily college crowd in Austin. Since The Recliners wereopeners, they played a couple of short sets. The lead singer, Neal Mehta, recognized myfriend and I from the Austin show, and was happy to see familiar faces amongst these hardcore swing fans.

The show was great, with all their standards, including "Stairway to Heaven"and the Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated" as well as some originals thatI just love,"Deeper and Deeper" and "Different Games". They had justgotten back from doing a festival with The Offspring and L7, which seemed likean odd mix and crowd for them, but I think that their sound would be unique inany environment. Nevertheless, these guys are a great time. Check out their CD, "CosaCaliente", or see themwhen they're in town again.

Indigo Swing was the big swing headliner, and all the dancers were out in full forcefor their set. Since I don't know anything about them, I can't tell you much about whatthey played. They were very good, their lineup including a standup bass which I alwayslike to see. I'm thinking about taking Swing lessons and getting into this wholelifestyle....

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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