Trout Fishing in America,October 26, 1997, Rockefellers

I had been hearing about these Trout Fishing guys since I moved to Houston about 2years ago and finally got to see them at Rockefellers, probably my last chance to visitthere, since it is going out of business soon. Anyway, Rockefellers is always a unique,music experience. It is much more civilized than most of the other venues in Houston, whatwith tables and balcony seating. The crowd is a bit older, but a little more appreciative.You ge the the picture. After a very good opening act of a guy and a guitar (sorry I don'tremember his name, TFIA comes out. They are only two guys, one very tall on the guitar(Ezra), and one very short (Keith), on the stand up bass. They are like a current versionof the Smothers Brothers, singing some very fun, some very serious, all very good songs,with lots of clever banter along the way. Sound like someone else I love (see BNL). Thetopics of their songs ranged from a song about little kids and their possessions (Mine),losing your keys, having a bad hair day (My Hair Had a Party Last Night), the low esteemof bass players (The Day the Bass Players Took Over the World), Dinosaurs, and DuelingMorons.

TFIA has several CDs and has been playing together for over 20 years. They have a nicefollowing in Houston and now live in Arkansas. It is obvious that they love what they doand have a good time. Another entertainment treat!!!

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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