Tonic,Numbers, October, 15, 1997
Opening Act: Summercamp

I had seen Tonic open for the Connells earlier this year (readthat review) and had actually been pretty impressed. At that time, I had only heardthe song "Open Up Your Eyes" on the radio, and was pleasantly surprised by theirsound, style, and talented guitarist, Jeff Russo.

However, as a headliner, Tonic was only marginal. A very mediocre performance had themopening with the "Open Up Your Eyes" and proceeding to play songs from their CDLemon Parade with little banter or involvement. Tonic left me with little insight into themotivation of their music, nor with any feeling that they were enjoying themselves in theslightest. I guess I was there to be entertained and left feeling a little disappointed.

The songs they played sounded fine. Their big hit came in the middle of the set,"If You Could Only See", and they showed some diversity with the song I likedbest "Casual Affair". Tonic is much harder than they seem with their radioselections, but they still are trapped in the pop/rock mainstream culture. They closedwith a song that is affectionaltely referred to by my friend as "We're Irish, and wekill people", an Irish folk tune, played with much anger. What I saw from them, Idon't think this band has the enthusiasm to follow up on their current success and makethe next step to playing larger venues. They just don't offer anything more than many ofthe other talented bands of today.

The opening band, Summercamp, was a hard edge, youthful sounding group that showed somepromise, but they were so distorted that I couldn't make out many lyrics. The one songthat I recognized from the radio, Drawer, was very pleasant, but it was nothing like therest of their set.

Considering my exhaustion from my lack of regular sleep during the previous weekend,this was hardly worth my time. At least it keeps me off the streets.

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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