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Free For All
Hole in the Wall
March 11, 2001

The Sunday Night Rock 'n' Roll Free For All is a gem of Austin music. For 6 1/2 years, Paul Minor has turned this local music showcase into a star studded weekly event. On any given Sunday, one can find established local artists, new bands playing their first gigs, jam sessions with interesting collaborations and even celebrities and rock stars. The Austin band Fastball got their start playing Free For All gigs. The FFA has also hosted the likes of Don Henley, Mojo Nixon, Quentin Tarrantino and Dennis Quaid. You never know what might happen down at the Hole.

But alas, Minor must move on to bigger and better things, so the FFA responsibilities now fall to Telray to continue the fabulous tradition of great entertainment. The following are scenes from the last Free For All in which his band Superego performed original music with Minor as host. Also performing were Household Names and The Stingers.

You can still catch a Superego show around town, but it won't be the same at the FFA without their diverse brand of pop/rock every week.