Sister Hazel, Numbers,Houston,February 19, 1998
Opening Act - Freddy Jones Band

OK, so I'm starting to become obsessive about this band. This was the fourth time I'veseen them in less than one year. Since first hearing of them last April, and seeing themwith about 20 other people at the Satellite Lounge (check out that review),their popularity has grown incredibly. Their huge hit "All For You" is stillburning up the airwaves around the nation and their second song "Happy" is alsogetting some decent airplay. Each time I've seen them, I have really enjoyed them, andthis time, to a sold out crowd at Numbers, was no exception. They played songs from theircurrent CD "Somewhere More Familiar" and their first self-titled, they alsoadded some incredible highlights to their set. The first was a song that Lead singer, KenBlock described as coming from a new tribute CD to Fleetwood Mac. They proceeded to do abang up version of Stevie Nicks' "Goldust Woman". The other highlight was Kenexplaining the inspiration for "Running Through the Fields" was his deceasedbrother. After the moving song, Ken looked up at the ceiling, gave a thumbs up, and said"Peace, little bro." I am always touched by the sincerity and personal notes ina Sister Hazel show. Finally, a rousing rendition of the Eagles "Already Gone"showed that SH still isn't too big to throw in a classic cover now and then.

It is no doubt that this band from the Gainsville, FL area is experiencing hugepopularity. They are talented in every member, including lead guitarist Ryan Newell who isincredible on the slide. I highly recommend you check them out.

Unfortunately, I arrived late for the opening act, Freddy Jones, which for what I didhear, was not memorable. I have heard about them over the years, as a Chicago band, butcouldn't really tell what the fuss was about during this performance. They seemed like awatered down Southern Rock group that couldn't decide if it wanted to go alternative ornot.

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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