Matthew Sweet 20, Numbers,Houston, TX, June 23, 1997

As opposed to the last show that I went to, matchbox 20, inwhich I wasn't really expecting much and left pleasantly surprised, I was really lookingforward to seeing Matthew Sweet. I had no idea what a huge disappointment I was settingmyself up for. If you've read other reviews of mine (and Irecommend you do), you know that I try to be fair and I am usually kind, even if I don'tparticularly like the style of the act. However, on this occasion, I entered a fan ofMatthew, and left with a mere shadow of the adoration I once had. Matthew Sweet just doesnot put on a great live show. Or even a good one. The performance lacked energy. There wasno dialogue. There were long awkward moments of equipment issues and guitar tuning. WhileI am a great fan of many of his songs, in concert, they were so distorted, one couldbarely recognize one from the other. I remember hearing strains of "Girlfriend","I've Been Waiting", "Evangeline", "Divine Intervention","Sick of Myself", and "Where You Get Love", all songs that I love, butlost something in the live show. I did like the newest song (from the CD "Blue Sky onMars") "Come to California", because, quite frankly, it made me want tocome to California.

I hate to be so cruel with my reviews and maybe Matt was just having a bad night. Afterall, playing to 200 people in Houston, TX is not exactly Madison Square Garden. MatthewSweet has been around for a while, and he keeps writing great songs and putting out greatCDs, so he must be doing something right. If anyone reading this has had a better MatthewSweet experience, please email me at,and give this obviously very talented man a chance to redeem himself in my ears.

On That Note, I'm outta here......


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